Tips for dealing with exam stress - Part 2.

Test yourself
Test yourself or get someone to test you on your notes. Bribe a brother or sister to do it for you, or ask your parents. Testing yourself regularly means that you remember facts better and any gaps in your knowledge can be picked up in good time — making the actual exam a lot less stressful.

Stick notes around your house
Buy cardboard stars in bright colours from newsagents, or make some out of card. Write key facts and phrases on each and stick them around your bedroom (preferably on items where they won't leave a mark!) in places where you'll often see them, for example, on your mirror or inside a cupboard that you often open. After a while, these facts will sink in without any extra effort on your part.

Ignore your friends

Not entirely, of course! But when your mates say how much revision they've been doing, they might not be telling the truth. Don't use them as a benchmark — they might not want to seem daggy for doing lots of revision, or they might not be doing enough. Know yourself and know what you have to do — you're in this for yourself.

Ask for help
There are great sources of support available if you feel that you need it. Ask a teacher if you don't understand a particular topic now that you're revisiting it — it doesn't have to the one who taught you if you don't feel that they're good at explaining things to you. School counsellors and even good old mum and dad are also great for getting worries "off your chest". You're not alone, so don't feel that you have to be.

Have a fall-back plan
Okay, so maybe you want to go and study at Harvard, become a top brain surgeon and also have a simultaneous career in tap-dancing BUT, however achievable these goals might be, make sure you have a Plan B. For example, if you don't make your grades, you could consider not going to uni for a year and retaking your exams. Or you might decide to go to a different uni, or just not bother at all. Working out at least a vague idea of what you want to do in life will help you to come up with a fall-back plan (or even two).

Get some exercise
Exercise is a great way to give yourself a break and to max out your concentration span. You don't have to do hours of circuit training — a 15-minute jog or a brisk walk will do the job nicely.


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